Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This time of year we are  inundated with ads on television and in newspapers.  Every single thing in every single ad is something they want us to believe we NEED to have to be happy.  I haven't bought many trendy toys for my kids but the ones I have...well they've never kept their interest and I felt suckered.  We've made it a priority in our house to completely downplay the whole notion of "I've gotta have this and that..."  Ads for adults are just as bad.  Surely we'd be happy if we had all the latest fashions and gadgets.  I understand gift giving and I think it's fun and can be rewarding and meaningful.  But accumulating things as a tradition of Christmas is not something we want to pass on to our kids.  I am making every effort to have the tv off more than normal and to toss the ads before my kids even see them.  Seems like we can't want things we don't even know exist!  At bedtime we are reading various Christmas books and inundating them with the true message of Christmas: Christ came to earth to be with us and to save us!  That's something I want my kids to WANT for Christmas--Jesus!  The world around us has been going nuts for years and years; the commercialization of Christmas can make you depressed like Charlie Brown.  I think I'm going to design my own ads for Christmas and post them around the house.  Maybe the kids can make some to share with our neighbors.  We need to be advertising Jesus and his wonderful gift.  

Be lifted! 

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Isaiah 7:14

...The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

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