Friday, March 14, 2008

Maximize Your Walk

After I had my first baby, I loved taking walks with him. I’d either put him in a front carrier or push him in the stroller. Either way, it was therapeutic to be out of the house for both of us. And it was great exercise!

Make it part of your weekly routine to take walks. You can walk around your neighborhood, a park or other scenic place. Keep in mind, if you’re strolling at a leisurely pace, you’ll enjoy the experience but probably won’t burn too many calories.

If you’re 6 weeks postpartum or more, you can maximize your walking time by:

Pumping up the speed. Let’s say it takes you 25 minutes to walk one mile. On your next walk, shave off 2 minutes. Keep working up to a faster pace. Try to beat your last record.

Practicing good posture. Stand up straight with your eyes forward, not looking down. Keep your chin up and suck in your stomach. Good posture applies spiritually speaking too. As you walk, hold your head up high remembering that you are beloved in the kingdom of God. Meditate on the words of I Peter 2:9, "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people."

Joining a Stroller Strides group. Stroller Strides incorporates the environment, resistance bands and your stroller to get a total body workout in 60 minutes. It’s a highly effective program and you’ll meet other moms and babies in the process.

Whenever you walk with your baby, use it as a special time to talk with God about your cares and joys. And you’ll be losing your baby weight in the process. What a great combination!

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