Thursday, March 6, 2008

You Can Do It Mom!

You’ve been making a person inside of your body for 40 weeks – talk about hard work! Then after your sweet baby is born, your body has to recover from delivery. And of course the shocker for many new moms is: why do I still look pregnant after my baby has been born?!

Have no fear mom! God designed our bodies in such an amazing way to produce life, and He will give you the strength to bounce back physically after the baby as well. Give yourself 6 weeks to rest and recover. Walk if you’re comfortable doing so. Then when your doctor gives you the green light, you can start working those pregnancy pounds off and I will be here to help you!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be giving you tips and encouragement about refueling your body and losing weight after baby. After 3 pregnancies in 3 years in my 30s, I have learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t. And I’m excited to let you in on the good stuff!

Here’s the first thing I want to encourage you to do: Believe that you can lose your baby weight. For some of you, you may feel like you will need a miracle but remember what Matthew 19:26 says, "With God all things are possible." When you have a "can-do" attitude, it’s much easier for God to do the miraculous.

If you buy the lie that "I’ll never have time to exercise" or "I’ll never fit in my old clothes again" – guess what? You’re probably right! You will go where you focus.

Keep coming back to Totally New Moms, and let us cheer you along the wonderful journey of motherhood. And remember, when it comes to losing weight after baby, you can do it mom!


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