Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer

I appreciated the care Sue took in posting on Wednesday about her frustrations. I'm sure many of you could relate to one or more of her concerns and challenges.

Meditating on Scripture and praying are 2 very important things we can do for our spiritual and physical health. With two little kids and lots to do, I have found one resource very helpful to guide my prayers. It's called The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer by Lisa Whelchel. I highly recommend it! For each day, it has a prayer prompt for:

1. Praise
2. For Yourself
3. For Your Husband
4. For Your Children
5. For Personal Influences
6. Reaching Beyond

She provides Scriptures to pray so you know you're praying about God's will. I've found it helpful to "maximize" my prayer time. Ten minutes with this journal in hand is time well spent with God.

So if you're frustrated with your job or losing weight this week, why don't you take your needs to God in prayer right now? And maybe pick up Lisa Whelchel's book for yourself.

"I will sing of the loving kindness of the Lord forever. To all
generations I will make known Your faithfulness with my mouth." Psalm 89:1

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This is a great book! At first I thought it was too short each day to be meaningful but I was wrong. Thanks for sharing this Arlene. I need to dust off my copy, I never completely finished it. GREAT resource. No frills either which I like.