Friday, November 21, 2008

Have Fun Mom!

Okay, I'm biased. This is my little girl and I think her smile could light up 1,000 Christmas trees! This was taken yesterday at SeaWorld where she rode Elmo's Flying Fish for the first time and loved it!

Yes, I am super fortunate to live in San Diego where I can go to SeaWorld often and where the weather permits outdoor activities most of the year. But wherever you live and whatever is nearby to do, I want to encourage you to get out with your baby and husband this weekend.
Take a walk. Visit a new park. Check out the museum you've been thinking about. Look through the event calendar in your area for upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas special activities.

If at all possible, don't stay cooped up in the house - get out there and be active. You're mind, body and spirit will be glad you did!

"Now Mary arose in those days..." Luke 1:39

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