Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How high is your frustration level?

Before kids...
I never had a temper.
I had a long  fuse. 
I was extra patient.
I was kind to everyone.
I wasn't easily rattled.
I was organized and clean.
I was efficient.
I never got frustrated.

Okay, I'm full of it.  But seriously, since giving birth, some of this stuff has gone out the window. With each child I seem to go further downhill.  I DO have a temper.  I now have a short fuse.  I lack patience.  I'm not kind to my children sometimes.  Between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. I'm rattled, boy am I rattled.  I'm organized for the most part but only clean here and there.  I'm still efficient.  I'm generally frustrated.  I have many faults and many buttons that can be pushed.  How did giving birth generate all this in me?  Yeah, I agree, I'm sure it was there all along... 

I have to keep these things in check.  How do I do that?  I exercise, I read, I try to get some quiet time away, I read my Bible, I call a friend, I watch a dumb show, I pray.  Most days are good but some days are hard.  And the hard days seem to last for an eternity.  I think we have a happy home for the most part.  My kids fight and they fight hard.  But we all love hard too.  It's hard to have a home full of emotional and intense people!  We all have to keep our faults and frustrations in check.  

So how high is your frustration level?  Is mothering hard today?  Is this season of childhood wearing you out?  What refreshes you?  Seek it out!  Does it help you to talk it out?  Call a friend.  Does it  help you to go run six miles?  Then go run seven!  Ask God to give you all that you need to face today.  He will help you get through today.   

Be lifted!

...when I was silent and anguish increased.
Psalm 39:2

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