Friday, August 15, 2008

Lesson from Spin Class

I go to a spin class once a week at the gym. It takes a miracle to get to the 5:45 class (I call it the 6:00 class and even that's optimistic) so I usually make it to the 8:00 class. I've seen many instructors and I like most of them. Except the one I had yesterday. She was a few minutes late and took a lot of time setting up her microphone and adjusting the levels of her stereo. Like 15 minutes. And she would just yell out things for us to do. "Stand up." "Third position." But she wasn't sweating with us and I didn't feel very motivated. Then to add to all this, she walks up and down our rows of bikes, inspecting our form. She doesn't make any comments. Who knows what she's looking for? She's not even breaking a sweat!

I'm sure if I met her otherwise I would think she was wonderful. But in my mind, she stinks as a spin instructor. Why? She doesn't get down in the trenches with us. She didn't inspire us. She was laid back, distant and tardy.

What, you may be wondering, does this have to do with mothering? You know, our kids want to see us act on the things we say we believe. We can't just show up and say, "Read your Bible." "Pray." "Go to church." "Love your neighbor." Our kids need to watch us doing these things. I've got to be involved with my kids, grabbing each teachable moment I can. I want to experience life with them, not as a distant voice just telling them what to do. But as someone living alongside them, inspiring them to grow strong in their faith.

I was driving home from the gym and I was convicted. Maybe you want to join me in this prayer: Lord, help me to live out your commandments and instruct my children in your ways. Help me to inspire them to live for you. Amen.

Teach me O Lord to follow your decrees, then I will keep them to the end. Psalm

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Totally New Moms said...

Thank you for this post. Super!! Great analogy too.