Monday, August 25, 2008

Work at Home Idea Factory!

I'll never forget how my friend Sondra cried upon leaving her baby boy for the first time. She was a nurse and had opted to take two twelve-hour night shifts on the weekends in order to stay at home with her son during the week. She and her husband were at our house for a Sunday school Christmas party, and Sondra was leaving early from the party to go start her shift at the hospital. She nursed Ty and laid him on my son's bed, sleeping soundly, as she gathered her things and tearfully said good-bye to her husband.

A few months later, Sondra realized that she didn't want to continue working at all. She was missing valuable family time by being away all weekend, and her own internal clock was in a state of dismal dysfunction as she tried to be on night duty all weekend and day duty during the week at home.

This family chose to live modestly on Sondra's husband's income. They put aside their plans to build their dream house, and Sondra came home.

It's hard to make it on one income, no joke. But what if you could work from home? Check out the idea factory below, and see if anything clicks with you!

Home-Based Business Idea Factory

Crafts. Offer a product you can make and sell from home. Expand your business by participating in weekend craft fairs.

Music lessons. Do you have expertise in a musical instrument? Put up an ad in your church, grocery store, and local newspaper for students.

Day care. If you enjoy working with children, many moms have found an ideal solution for staying home with their kids by providing day care for a few other children. Consider after-school care as well for older children in your neighborhood.

Teaching/tutoring. If you have teaching skills and knowledge in a particular subject, consider offering tutoring in the afternoons or even day classes for homeschoolers. Terry Hall, a high school science teacher in Tallahassee, FL, supplemented her family's income by teaching a weekly biology course to the home schooled high schoolers in her area.

Media productions. This can include everything from establishing a photo studio in your home, to filming weddings, to designing websites and newsletters. If this is your forte, your services are in demand!

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. . . (Ecclesiastes


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Post Partum E-Press said...

Wonderful work-oriented tid bits for any stay-at-home or working new moms. Thanks for the information for all "our" moms across the nation and around the world. Keeping busy with fun, crafty things, alone or with our children, definitely instills self-confidence for all the family to soak in. When mamma's happy, everybody's happy.

Always A Mother's Friend
D.A. Carr-Gray