Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who loves ya baby?

I never actually watched Kojak growing up but my older brother did.  He used to quote a line from the show to me ALL the time, "Who loves ya baby?"  For some reason that has stuck with me my whole life.  Now I ask my kids, almost daily, "Who loves you?"  It's not quite as catchy but it has the same meaning!  They recite the list, "Mom, Dad, brother, sister, Grandma, God."  I've asked them that question so many times I couldn't even guess at a number.  Okay, at least 1000 times per kid.  I want them to know who loves them and I want them to say it out loud so I know they know it.  I want them thinking about it A LOT.  

Yesterday, my two year old took this little game to a new level.  He'd been carrying around his bright orange Gideon New Testament all afternoon when I asked him, "Who loves you?"  He showed me his Bible and said, "It says in my Bible, 'God loves Bennett.' "  That little guy made my day, my month, possibly my year.  He's getting it!  What Mommy tells him from the Bible is true and he can have full confidence in it.  He knows who loves him!  Praise God for precious moments like these.  

Ask your child who loves them.  The answers are sometimes hilarious.  But do they know?  Do they know, know, know who loves them?  Ask.

Be lifted!

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply.

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