Monday, September 8, 2008


Hey Everybody,

Sooo--how do we look? We love our new design and hope you do to! But what if you don't? Well, we'll survive, of course!

But have you ever imagined how desperately your children need your approval? For little ones, we are the standard. If Mom likes it, it must be good. If Mom doesn't like it, it must not be good. Does your child know today that she has your complete approval?

WORDS. Use your words today to affirm your child. Shore her up with words that encourage and uplift. Try these: I love you! You growing big and strong! Jesus loves you! God made you so very special! I'm glad God sent you to our family! I'm so proud to be your mom!

LOOKS. How do you look at your child? Do your eyes and your expressions convey your love? Let them! Sometimes we moms get so busy we don't stop to enjoy just looking at our kids, just enjoying their age and funny, adorable things they do! They notice when we give them our looks of love!

AFFECTION. Some moms may find they come up short in this department. It's not that you don't love your child, it's just that you weren't brought up to be affectionate. Ask God to help you be liberal in your open displays of love for your child! Hugs, kisses, cuddles--these are moments both you and your child will cherish! Your lavish affection for your child will do some unseen work in his heart and mind: It gives him security and peace.

What are some ways you express your approval for your child?

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Irritable Mother said...

These are great words, Rebecca!
I try to be generous in each of the areas you've mentioned, but another one that is HUGE for my kids is when I pray for them. Sometimes outloud and in front of them, other times it's just telling them I have prayed for them that day. Either way - they BEAM about it!

Alene said...

Love the new look! I've learned how each of my kids respond to my actions. Each child is different and Five Love Languages for Children opened my eyes to their differences. One of mine loves undivided attention for quality time. The other words of affirmations and small gifts lift her day. The other loves it all - any type of appreciation means so much to her. As a mom though I know prayer has to be the topper along with praise!