Monday, September 29, 2008

Praise Him for Who He Is

Hey Everybody,

It's a brand new week! Let's just take a few minutes today to praise the Lord. No matter what is going on in your life today, are you willing to praise God for Who He is? When all is said and done, life rests on the fact that He is God Almighty. He has provided a way for us to know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Today may be a horrible day for you. You may be grieving. You may be confused. You may have a spirit of dread that hangs over you because the dawning of this day means you have to complete a task you don't want to do. It could be work. It could be your marriage. Whatever is going on for you today, do you think that you could just stop and say, "I praise you, Lord God, for Who You are."

It's challenging. But the times in my life when I've chosen to do just this have given me a new perspective, a new energy, and a new optimism to press on.

With love,
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