Friday, January 16, 2009

Subtract Sugar, Add Veggies

This past Sunday at church, our Sunday school class did a table topic. We were all asked, "What's one thing you'd like to add in your life in 2009 and what's one thing you'd like to subtract?"

My husband's answer works well for all of us moms. He said, "It's very simple. I want to subtract sugar and add vegetables." Actually he made a joke and flipped it around at first. The dream diet would be to add more sugar and subtract vegetables but that diet doesn't exist!

He's noticed that when he eats sugar, he loves it for the moment, but then his mood tanks. Have you been there?

So my sweet husband has resolved to be healthier in 2009. And I have to be honest. I'm glad he's made the resolution to skip sugar for a few weeks because it's helping me reign in my desire for chocolate! He's fasting from treats like cookies, desserts, ice cream, etc but he'll still have some syrup with his pancakes, jam on his bread, etc. So you don't have to be completely radical, but just by saying no to desserts, you can eliminate a lot of junk food from your diet.

Do you need to subtract some sugar and add some veggies into your life? I've been serving my kids more veggies in the New Year (more = 3 bits of broccoli so know we're taking baby steps) and I'm thrilled to report they are doing it! The rule is if they don't eat the few bites of vegetables, they won't get more of whatever they do like in the meal (usually bread or pasta).

Subtract sugar, add veggies!

"The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish." Prov 10:3

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