Friday, January 30, 2009

Pack It Up!

We are headed out for a few hours today including lunchtime, so it's time to pack it up!

We're too frugal to buy fast food or go to a restaurant (that's probably the main reason) and of course, it's much healthier to skip the drive thru. So whenever I know the kids and I will be out over lunch, we brown bag it.

So what's in that typical lunch bag?

          1. Turkey sandwiches

          2. Apple slices

          3. Strawberry fruit bar

          4. Bag of popcorn

          5. String cheese

          6. Water (not boxed juice)

          I know, it's not too exotic or exciting, but it's healthier than eating out and since I have the food with me, I don't have to have any "my children are so hungry they are about to explode" episodes when I'm out! And you're not gaining weight in the process since here you are trying the lose that baby weight in the first place.

          Popping microwave popcorn is the best because that's a treat for my kids. We can split the bag between the 3 of us, plus popcorn isn't very caloric and is a pretty good snack item. Oh yes, and it's cheap!

          So next time you're out during lunchtime, take a few minutes and pack it up!

          What are some of your favorite lunch time items to pack? Help us get out of our ruts and suggest some more easy take-and-go items!

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