Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bee sting

Today started out like an ordinary day.  Then some extraordinary things crept in. I dropped my daughter off at church to go to overnight camp for three nights.  This is her first camp experience and we're all really excited for her to try it out.  But all of the sudden I felt horrible sending her out into the unknown.  I second-guessed my decision to send her to camp.  I asked myself, "Is she too little?"  So we drove off and I decided not to cry.  Why would I cry?  

Then I dropped my middle child off at church day camp.  Then my youngest and I went to "The Bee Movie."  Every Wednesday you can see an old movie, in the morning, for $1.  Not bad entertainment for a buck.  Unfortunately, I had my cell phone off during the movie.  My middle child got stung by a bee (kind of ironic) while we were at the movie.  He was crying, writhing in pain, waiting for Mom to come get him.  He was scared and pretty much freaking out--he got stung on the ear for crying out loud.  We got the message when the movie was over and sped away to church to pick him up.  Turns out that he found great comfort in the fact that someone had left me a message and I was on my way.  He said he knew all along we were at the movie and he knew we would  come get him right after it was over.  He wasn't scared at all once the swelling went down by 75%.  

I experienced this weird sting in my gut when I let my oldest go to camp.  My middle child got a horrible sting in his ear.  It's been sort of an emotional day.  I'm still grieving a recent loss and it continues to sting in my heart.  What's important is that our kids know we will be there for them when life (or bees) sting them.  And that our Father is there for all of us, no matter how significant or insignificant the sting.  I was reminded today that my kids truly are comforted by me.  Just one hug and kiss brought my son so much relief.  And letting my daughter leave for camp (after a hug and kiss) brought her much relief.  Sometimes we hold our kids close and sometimes we have to let them go and grow.  I am simply thankful that the Father is collectively holding us tightly, ready to provide us with comfort!

Isaiah 49:16
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.

Be  lifted!

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