Friday, July 25, 2008

Calorie Counts on Your Cell Phone?

I'll admit it. I'm not much of a cell phone user. I basically use my cell phone to say "I'm running a little late" or to have handy for roadside emergencies. But I know lots of moms who need their cell phones for everything like chatting with girlfriends, texting and taking pictures.

Well, I just read that you can use your cell phone to count calories too!

Let's say you're at a restaurant for lunch and you're wondering what you should order. How many calories are in those raviolis anyway? Now you can check on your cell phone with a new free service called Nutrition on the Go from This service has a library of 1700 restaurants and 36,000 plus menu items.

Here's what you do:

Put your phone in text message mode. Type in the restaurant name and menu item. Be as specific as possible. Send that info to DIET1 (34381). In a flash, you receive a text message with the information.

You can try it on the website before you go to lunch to see if the restaurant is listed in their database. I just punched in orange chicken from Panda Express. 500 calories. 27 g fat. 42 g carbs. 23 g protein.

Ah, yet another use for your cell phone! Happy eating!

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

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