Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just watching

First, let me tell you that I am doing this at our YMCA because my internet has been down for over a day. Oh the joys of apartment living. Unfortunately, I don't have my Bible here so I'll have to add a verse later.

Yesterday we took the kids to the Y to swim. This may not sound that exciting but for my kids it's a treat and a half. We have lived way up north for quite some time. Living back in the land of sunshine and heat has been wonderful. My kids aren't turning blue from the wind and chilliness; instead they are quite content to swim for hours. We haven't been this tan for years either. It feels like we're on another planet.

My husband took the older kids to the "big" pool and the baby and I played at the "little" pool. We were in twelve inch deep water and my son was blissful. He kept begging me to swim with him. I tried to explain to him that I couldn't really swim in the shallow water. He wasn't buying it. So I kicked my feet and splashed--that placated him for a few minutes. Then he started correcting me, explaining that I wasn't swimming, I was merely pretending. Although he was right I couldn't find any words to explain my problem. A two-year-old is hard to get through to sometimes! I took a deep breath and tried another approach. I shared with him that oftentimes I enjoy just watching him and not doing anything else. He smiled like it was Christmas morning. He loved the idea that I enjoyed watching him and spending all my energy on that activity alone. I didn't have to swim after all and it was refreshing to share my heart with him. I got a kick out of watching him swim and flop and splash. He even attempted going under water for the first, second, and millionth time. And who got to witness these wonderful things? Me!

Thank God for the precious moments in which we get to just sit back and watch our kids try new things. How blessed are those fleeting moments.

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