Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My youngest has suffered with allergies for his entire short life.  I can't remember the last day we didn't blow his nose twenty times.  It's literally been three years of nonstop blowing his nose.  I've learned to be an advocate for myself and my children.  I just got back from the pediatrician's office.  She is wonderful and I am going to dearly miss her taking care of my kids.  I was totally honest with her today, "The Allegra isn't helping and he needs help."  So now we are going to see an ENT and an allergist.  Why is that important?  I have watched this baby suffer and it's been long enough.  I was nothing but kind today to our doctor but I was straight forward with her, "Enough's enough."  He's so little and there doesn't seem to be much else she can do to help.  So she was honest with me and said we need to see some specialists.  

How are you an advocate for your child?  Is there some area of their lives where you need to be more assertive?  Is there a situation you've avoided dealing with out of fear?  Or are you on the opposite end of the spectrum?  I've known people over the years that acted like maniacs when it came to their children.  Ask God to reveal to you where you need to stand up for them and when you need to maybe hush a bit.  He'll show you if you're genuine with him.  

I'm mad at myself for letting my boy suffer for 2 3/4 years.  It's hard to know when to trust the doctor and when to question things.  Ask God for wisdom and understanding concerning your child.  Remember, he loves them even more than we do.  Surely  he wants the best for them just like we do!

Isaiah 65:24
Before they call I will answer; while they are speaking I will hear.

Be lifted!

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Arlene Pellicane said...

You are such a fantastic advocate for your kids! What a wonderful example of how God cares for us as His children. Praying for you and your family during this busy time of transition!