Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick! Before You Forget Your First Mother's Day!

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday! I was so blessed to spend the afternoon with my dear mom, my sister, and our families. How precious! I remembered my very first Mother's Day as I thanked my daughter and sons for giving me seventeen Mother's Days! My very first one was spent in Charlotte, North Carolina, dedicating Danya in our church, Carmel Baptist.

There were close to twenty babies being dedicated that day. The baby next to Danya screamed through the ENTIRE thing! To this day, I do not know why those parents continued to stand there instead of taking their baby out! I mean, really, those screams are immortalized on many videotapes and will be around for a loooong time! What irked me the most was that several people afterwards came up and asked me why I didn't take Danya out! They thought she was the one who was making all the fuss! Not my baby!

I encourage you today to jot down somewhere what you did yesterday, especially if it was your very first Mother's Day. Write down this special memory. Record where you went, how you dressed your baby, and what you did. All "first's" are special! Don't let time slip away without making sure you write down a few details. See how fast they grow?


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