Friday, October 3, 2008

Children...Our Best Loan from God

Thank you for your kind comments about my miscarriage this week. Psalm 139:14 has given me so much peace, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful." God is the author of life and we can trust Him with our children.

Our church has a moms group on Wednesday nights and this past Wednesday, one mom was sharing how her friend had a 5 year old with cancer. That dear family is racing against time, making memories with their beloved son while they can. My friend said that it's made her treasure her time with her son so much more. She ended by saying that children are on loan to us from God.

Isn't it true that God has given us the greatest gift on loan? Our children (born and unborn) are His, lovingly made by Him and created for a purpose. I take great comfort in enjoying my son and daughter whenever I think of the baby I didn't get to hold. But someday I will!

Unfortunately, my body isn't quite feeling normal yet. The doctors say that makes sense since my body still has pregnancy hormones floating around. So I'm still in need of that afternoon nap and sometimes feel like Eeyore with a dark cloud over me. But GOD will make a way!

BTW, I have my 20 year high school reunion coming in 2 weeks. Of course it's so sad that I'm not pregnant for it; plus I gained 5 pounds in the 8 weeks I was pregnant. I'm the Losing Weight After Baby lady (my website) so I'm working (somewhat) frantically to get these extra pounds off. I say somewhat because my cravings for chocolate sometimes overpower me! I'll keep you posted if I get back to my original weight before the reunion...I'm getting close.

So when you look at that sweet baby today, even if you're sleep deprived and 20 pounds overweight as a result, say "thank you God" for that bundle of joy, on loan to you for this glorious season!

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