Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey Everybody,

I got a chance to keep my young nephew and niece over the weekend, and it was a great dose of "remember when" for me! When you aren't used to having younger ones around, you really don't think about all the time and energy that must go into that stage of parenting. My teens and 'tween have brought me to a relatively easy place in parenting! Yes, I mean it! When we were vacationing recently, I just kept watching them and thinking to myself how very blessed I am to have such great kids with whom I long to spend time!

Let me just encourage you young moms today that every thing you do counts! You are investing in your children, and there is no better place to deposit your time, love, patience, and energy. The years when they are little and so dependent on you are really rough. How do you respond? Embrace those years! They are fleeting! But how you deal with your kids will count as they grow. Are you praying for them? Are you teaching them God's Word? And are you in God's Word yourself? Are you focusing on being a living example to them of the character and integrity you want them to possess? And are you pointing them to Jesus--praising Him, clinging to Him, putting your hope and trust in Him?

Take heart today, knowing that everything you do COUNTS! These are not years to just "get through." These are years to press in, giving your kids everything you've got, and trusting God to give you all of Him!

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